June Newsletter ’19

June Newsletter ’19

Father’s Day

June 16

We received an anonymous message from a father to his family and thought we would share it with you:  

Dear kids,

For Father’s Day, I don’t want to grill my own steak, I want a perfectly prepared meal with great sides and a good bottle of wine; I’m even prepared to pick up the tab. Where there are many restaurants one could choose from, I’d have to say they don’t compare to Tony’s. You can certainly buy me a tie, golf balls or a mug, they say it’s the thought that counts–think Tony’s.



What To Eat With That Steak…

Tony’s Spotlight

Need a Reason to Dine Out? We’ve Got You Covered

Sure, June is all about celebrating graduations and Father’s Day. However, we ask you to take a look at these special days.

  • June 4 is National Cognac Day!  Enjoy a sip or two with us, sit back and enjoy the luxuriousness, you won’t regret it! 
  • June 4 is also Leave the Office Early Day. Stop by our bar as soon as we open; another reason to go out! 
  • Start the month out right; June 8 is National Rosé Day. What a wonderful way to start–or end– an evening. Mix things up and try a Rosé cocktail!
  • Love bourbon? June 14–Bourbon Day–is just the day for you. Find your favorite or try something new from our extensive selection.
  • Make that steak you’re craving a Surf and Turf on National Lobster Day, June 15. 
  • Is a well-crafted martini more your style?  Have one of our experienced bartenders create the perfect one for you on Martini Day, June 19. 

We propose there should be a Tony’s Day. Wait, make that Tony’s Days…

Perfect the Art of Gift Giving

Give your friends and family something satisfying-a wonderful meal coupled with award-winning service.  Our gift cards-in a multitude of denominations- take the guesswork out of gift giving, just add Tony’s! 

Do you have out-of-town clients or family who come to Cincinnati, Lexington or Indianapolis for meetings or family get-togethers? Give them Tony’s gift cards, so they can enjoy a superb meal when they are in town. Call or shop online any time!

Great food, great service. Staff goes out of their way to make sure you have an enjoyable evening…there is never a rush. Take your time and enjoy the food, ambiance and wonderful service. A great place to enjoy food and friends.

via OpenTable

Amazing. Easily the best food I’ve ever had. Very unique accent flavors, amazing appetizers and the steaks were literally perfect in every way.